It’s been a few day’s since I’ve posted because nothing’s really been getting to me. Today however i think i might post twice. Once on “Religion” the other on climate change. MAYBE.

I’m not religious. Although i do believe in god for personal reasons, I am not religious but all of my friends and family, including my son, are. My fiance, son and pretty much all of my friends are Catholic and i need spell check to spell the word. Their all very good people and, i believe, their religion makes them better then they would have otherwise been.

I was born and raised ATHEIST. I emphasize atheist to give an idea of what i was taught to believe verses what i believe now. From birth to 16 i believed this life is it. This world is it. Your born, you live, you die, you are fertilizer. That’s it. No one to help you out in tough times. No where to go when you die. No one to judge you for who you are. No community of like minded people. It was tough.

It wasn’t tough believing what i did. I had, and have, ample evidence that this is it. There is ZERO proof of a god and even less for his son. I could counter all the “evidence” that any religious person could send my way. Even at 10. I was a smart child who loved the science channel, the learning channel and the discovery channel. Oh and reading, i LOVED to read a good science or history book. I could counter just about anything a religious person said to me using science. Even the way people think can be explained by science. And i LOVED to debate religion when i was atheist. It was one of my favorite past times. But i was ALWAYS respectful. That was another thing my ATHEIST parents taught me. You can wipe the floor with someone and still be civil. I’d counter what they said the bible said, sometimes using the bible itself, sense i had read it more then a lot of the religious people i’d debate. But i was never personal. NEVER. The closest i ever got was telling them point blank they were wrong.

15 years ago i changed. I went from a in your face atheist to what i am now (as far as i know there no word for believing in god and having your own ideas of what that’s all about but not believing in any established religion). Today I am more excepted by people simply because i now say there is a god. That boggles my mind. Other then that one thought i’m no different. I still got all my morals from myself. I still argue with religious people. I still school them on their own religious book. But because i now say there’s an imaginary man in the sky i’m better then before? How?

What does it matter who’s holding me accountable to those around me? Why does it matter to anyone if i hold myself accountable or if some god does? And, really, who wouldn’t want a person who is good because they think they should be good just because over someone who’s being good for a reward? I don’t count charity that’s given specifically for the tax write off as charity. (I don’t think god does either.) So why would i count you as a good person if your only doing it for selfish reasons?

Anyway, there are two reasons i bring this up. One article and one video to be precise.

The article:
Cut It Out, Atheists! Why It’s Time to Stop Behaving like Bill Maher and Richard Dawkins

This kinda annoyed me. I don’t put down the religious. But i don’t blame a single atheist that does. In this country 80% of the population is estimated to be Catholic. That’s a lot of people but atheists are mean. The religious push their beliefs on everyone everyday but atheists are mean. The religious even push their beliefs in our laws but atheists are mean. Every president ever has been religious but atheists are mean. ALL the evidence says their right but atheists are mean. I think it’s mean to beat up a 15 year old girl because she wont tell you her name so you can pray for her. I think it’s mean telling gays that they don’t get the same rights as straights because… GOD, is mean. I think telling a woman she has to use her body as an incubator for a child no one wants because… GOD, is mean. I think telling Jews, Muslims, Hindus, Atheists, Agnostics, non believers, Sikhs and every non Catholic they have to follow the rules of the bible is mean. I don’t think telling someone their stupid for believing something they cant prove is mean.

What really annoys me is that when atheists bash religious people it tends to be the leaders they bash, or some fat guy holding a picket sign in front of Planned Parenthood. From my experience most atheists don’t care one way or the other about the Christen next door. It’s his leader we have a problem with. The Christen next door is usually fine. Even if they believe fucked up shit who cares? The only people they influence is their kids and although that sucks it’s fixable. Their leaders on the other hand are a menace. They spew hatred 24/7 making millions off of making their followers hate everyone different then them.

They say thing’s like:

“I would warn Orlando that you’re right in the way of some serious hurricanes, and I don’t think I’d be waving those flags in God’s face if I were you … It’ll bring about terrorist bombs; it’ll bring earthquakes, tornadoes, and possibly a meteor.”
Pat Robertson

They write articels like this:
Why There Is No Such Thing as a Good Atheist

And they rape boy’s:
U.N. Report: Vatican Policies Allowed Priests To Rape Children

But atheists are the mean ones??? Really?

I’m not trying to say all religious people are bad. In fact i LOVE religious people so much i made one. My 9 year old son is Catholic and i’m ok with that. In fact i encourage it because of all the problems i had growing up. It’s just easier to join them. But i couldn’t.

The Video:

This is my proof that there are good Catholics who will stand up to the bad ones. This is what allows me to go on day after day and not blow my brains out. This man right here, along with my fiance, son and friends let me know that 80% of the country isn’t crazy. That the fundies don’t speak for them all and most of them have hearts and soles. These are the real Christens not the ones who want to take and destroy and i hope more of us can remember that.