For my first real post I will be discussing the big, the bad GUN CONTROL. (insert that dun dun daaaa sound here) Well why we need gun control anyway.

I’m not sure what people think of when they think of a responsible cell phone owner. I like to think I’m a responsible cell phone owner. I usually know where it is, I don’t loan it out to people I don’t know and only I know the 4 digit pin number that it needs to be unlocked, and there for used. Hell I don’t really even let my son play with my cell phone.

But you know something. I’ve had my cell phone stolen. I’ve left it at home, work, school, and random stores and restaurants. I leave it sitting on my living room floor. I’ve done the same thing with my purse, wallet(after i got sick of forgetting my purse) and key’s. I’ve done that with every single item I bring with me every where I go. Everyone I know has done that a million times too. So why are gun’s different?

Why do we expect people, who’ve forgotten their key’s when they went to their car, to remember their gun? When my cell phone was stolen out of my car, while I was at work, 5 min’s away from my house, no one was killed. When I leave my car key’s sitting on a public toilet no one get’s injured. I mean, I might not have a car any more but more than likely my stolen car wont hurt anyone but me and it’s my fault anyway. When I lost my wallet the last time I lost all the money I had ($76), my driver’s licence, my debit cards, I lost every thing that was vital to me. But still no one, but me, was hurt because, I’m human and, I lost my possession.

What’s worse is more often than not it’s not that the gun was forgotten, lost or stolen but that it was carried at all that’s the problem. To use the cell phone analogy again. If I have my cell phone in my pocket and my son sticks his hand in my pocket, to get some candy or whatnot, he just might butt dial a friend of mine. Who will answer and laugh their ass off at me. When it’s a gun in someone’s pocket, even a sheriff’s deputy, it’s a different story.

Clay deputy’s son, 2, accidentally fires father’s gun inside Wendy’s; bullet fragments strike boy, 3 others

This is what happens when it’s not a cell phone in your pocket. Now the injury’s weren’t bad. No one died. No one even needed to go to the hospital. But. Two woman who went to a fast food restaurant to spend maybe $12 had a gun go off so close to them they had red marks and scratches. They went in for cheep burgers and left with wounds and the knowledge that they are not safe in Wendy’s. And I’ll just bet ya that the 2 year old’s grandfather now has a little less respect for his son-in-law.

This is just one story of “accidental shooting’s”. I did a Google search for “accidental shooting” and this is what came up.

16,000 stories just in the “News” section. 16,000. I just had to type that number again. 16,000 news stories about accidental shootings and we still think a person can be a responsible GUN owner.

A person can be a responsible cell phone owner or a responsible car owner. Because even if they do lose them of have them stolen the chance that someone ends up hurt is nearly zero. If I carry a gun with me every where I run the risk of forgetting it, having it stolen or having a 2 year old pull the trigger while looking for candy. Because of that someone might use that gun, in the way it was intended to be used, to kill someone. Why should anyone, but me and the actual shooter, be held responsible? Why is everyone held responsible for an individuals, human, short comings?

It is to easy to become irresponsible with the thing’s we take for granted. It’s easy to take the thing’s we have with us at all times for granted. It doesn’t make sense to have an object that’s only intended purpose is death as an everyday object that you carry with you every where. Because we are human and there for imperfect it is irresponsible to carry a weapon with you at all times. And there for there is no such thing as a responsible daily gun carrier. Maybe there are responsible gun owners we don’t know about because they keep their gun’s safe and there for don’t accidentally shoot their 2 year olds.